Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Clinic Visit

I am very happy! It was a great visit and I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. I was due to go back to Hopkins in April. I missed the appointment since I found out I was pregnant. As a CF patient who's pregnant I am "high risk" so the appointments which are hard to get conflicted with my Hopkins clinic day. I rescheduled Hopkins for May, only to have the miscarriage and be in the same boat again. Well finally today, 2 months later I finally got in and had my appointment.

I took a half a day of work that way I could come home and get a work out in beforehand. I usually don't do that, and go right from work, however I thought I'd give it a whirl. So I left work around 11 am and got home and did a good workout. I did the Eliptical for 25 minutes and got in over a mile. Then did a 2.5 mile bike ride. I was a sweaty mess, but it was a great workout. I did my meter before we left and got an awesome reading off of it so I was definitely hopeful.

Get to Hopkins and get the much dreaded PFT's over with. I was very happy with my results. I increased my PFT's by almost 7%!!!!!!! Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I was on top of the world! I'm happy to actually feel the difference from all the exercise I've been doing. It was a great feeling to see in print and feel in my chest and breathing all the wonderful effects that running and biking have been doing for me recently. The Doctors were so happy with my exercise routines. They asked me lots of questions about how much exercise, how long, distances, pulse rate etc. Basically I summed it up as I'd been back on track with exercising since December. When I found out I was pregnant in April, I was so nauseated and exhausted that I kind of fell of the wagon, but not intentionally. I just physically couldn't do it..or If I did, I'd barf doing it. Then after the miscarriage and I let my body heal for the month I was told, I got right back on track and have been there ever since.

Here are some of the details from today:

  • I'm getting a new vest. Yay goodbye antique 120+ pound vest machine, hello compact-ness
  • They like the PFT monitor I have and encourage it's use.
  • I'm going to go back to Hypertonic Saline next week once a day, then increase to twice
  • I finally asked what my mutation is! DF508 (thought so)
  • Got the Acapella device and the PT explained it's use and benefits...I like
  • I was offered some new studies but since we're planning for kids, I wouldn't be aloud to participate since most drugs aren't "OK'd" for pregnancy.
  • I was told to continue the exercise! They were thrilled!
  • My care plan given at the end of a visit reads "Keep up the GOOD WORK!!!"
  • I'm increasing my Advair to the 500mg/50 dose since they feel a lot of my issues aren't CF but indeed Asthma
  • I have to go for my yearly bloodwork at my local lab when possible
  • I've gained more weight too, bonus!!! I'm up to 123 pounds, woot!
  • I'm off of the Prednisone in 2 days..I'm done weaning anyway.

Overall I have to say today was a great day all around. I can't explain how great it feels that the visit went well today. In the back of my mind I kept thinking of some of my CF friends who are hospitalized right now and It just made me want to push harder....for all of us. I believe today was a good day in the royal a$$ kicking of CF all around!


RunSickboyRun.com said...

There's nothing like showing CF who the boss is...WAY TO GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!

As soon as I read the first sentence of your blog I was all smiles ear-to-ear. "I am very happy" was all I needed.

I'll get you some more workouts soon. Try the bicep one yet?


Julie said...

i'm so glad your appointment went well. Congrats on the great pft's,and weight gain!

Heidi said...

Awesome job on your PFTs!! And everything else of course!

Jess said...

Thanks guys! :)

Kristen said...

Congrats on the great clinic visit! That is so awesome exercise has helped you! Sometimes it's a pain in the butt to find the time, but I find it such an important part of my CF care.