Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Where everybody knows your name

I love my gym. I really really do. I have a routine of getting up at 0430 every day and being out the door by 0500. Go to the gym for about an hour, then work a 10 hour nursing shift. Am I crazy some people ask? Maybe. But I know me, and know that It's difficult for me to go to the gym after a 10 hour shift. I'd rather knock it out at 0'dark thirty instead.

It's a nice gym, bright and colorful with everything I need. It's "real" people working out. There aren't people prancing around in bikinis or trying to pick up guys (disclaimer: If you are one of these people I'm so sorry, more power to you, hehe). It's comfortable and everyone is there for the same reasons. We're just trying to stay or become healthy. I-Love-It.

Each morning upon arrival, I swipe my card and enter the land of sweat and determination. Upon heading to my destination (usually the treadmill to run a few miles) I'm greeted continuously by people who now are like friends. "Hey Jess, Good morning Jess, good work out Jess." It's a big deal to me. These people don't even really know why I'm there, but they are kind and supportive. To me, that's everything and more I could ever want out of my gym.