Saturday, February 14, 2009

Turning 29

Well my birthday (on Feb 12th) was great! I worked, but even with that it was lovely. Got wonderful presents from co-workers and 2 of my docs. I'm very grateful to work with such amazing people. Scott took me out to dinner, I was really craving mexican badly so we went to my favorite restaurant. He took me to Starbucks and got me my favorite drink (white chocolate mocha) and we just hung out. It was the best. Last night we went out party style with my friends, co-workers, and cousins to an awesome bar in Annapolis called O'Briens. We had a blast, and I can't wait to go back there again! All in all it was simply wonderful and I'm hoping that with it being such a great birthday is a good sign for the year :)

The only downer is my credit card got stolen on my birthday. Apparently it happened the night before, but I didn't realize it. Luckily my credit card company called me, and I'm not responsibe for the $350 that was charged by some piece of crap at Walmart!!! AHHHH!!! I was so upset b/c this has never happened to me. Oh well, I suppose it could have been worse, luckily it's taken care of and everything is ok. It just makes me sick that people out there are such trash!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday 13 (Random)

  1. I'm so happy tomorrow is Friday
  2. I'm looking forward to dinner tomorrow night with Julie and seeing the girls
  3. We need to finish the bathroom still...
  4. I just realized I didn't eat dinner tonight, hmm i need to eat!
  5. I just got my new glasses yesterday (for the computer) Since we have gotten portable lap-tops at work my eyes aren't too happy with the tiny screens.
  6. Today is Sarah's birthday :)
  7. My birthday is exactly 7 days away
  8. It was wonderful to hang out with Beth last night, we had fun at Du Claw's especially
  9. Sometimes my boss makes me wonder how she does it, since she has no clue (honestly)
  10. I'm so happy for all the friendships and new fellow CF people I've been meeting/emailing
  11. I bought the new Snow Patrol album off of iTUNES, so far so good
  12. I'm addicted to a song by Lisa Hannigan called "I don't know" I'm convinced it's one of the sweetest songs on the planet
  13. I haven't been for a nice long drive while enjoying good music in a while...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow again

So Monday we went and had our Lebanese dinner in the city. Yummy, it was delicious!! I was surprised b/c it was lots of spices that I'm used to cooking with, just put together differently! Definitely a good experience.

Yesterday we had the doctors appointment. Everything went well, and I absolutely loved the doctor!! She was simply wonderful and made us feel very positive!

Woke up this morning to beautiful snow again! Wasn't expecting it, then again I'm horrible at watching the weather anyway. Here's to a nice snowy bad i'm at work, oh well! ;)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

So Happy that...

I've gotten back on track with working out like I have been. I feel so good both physically and mentally. I've been doing "Jillian Michaels 30 day shred" and whoa she is kicking my a$$!
And....I've been meeting the absolute greatest people on the CF blog/forum. I've had the chance to really connect with great people on there who are also on Facebook. It's been wonderful and I'm so happy about that.

15 minutes of fame

Well it's definitely been my longest hiatus so much for "daily" rambling ;) It's becoming more like, "weekly" rambling at best! Well today is my dog Hooper's birthday. Yay...he's 7! And since I don't have real kids and my pups are my kids it's a big deal :) I can't believe he's 7 though, and it does make me sad that he's getting older. Although for the many many people that know him, think he's still I giant puppy :D

We had a fun weekend, and today has been all about relaxing. Scott and I both had a pretty bad work weeks this week unfortunately. We talked about it when we got home on Friday and then agreed to put it behind us and not let it bother us this weekend. Saturday we went out with our friends to two different bars in Annapolis. We had a really great fun time, and it's been a while since we hung out like that so that was nice. We also made some new friends while out. We met 4 Australian Air Force men that are visiting MD for 2 months. We befriended them and ended up hanging out with them as a group all night. So our small group of 4 turned into a giant group of 9 :) We're hoping to meet up with them all again before they head back across the world :)

The best best best part of Saturday was the radio! Let me favorite radio station is WRNR. It's basically alternative, older 80's, Indie etc. They play "The Cure" so needless to say I love them ;) Well this weekend in honor of the Superbowl they are doing a "rock block weekend." So I went online and put in my request for my "rock block" and hoped I'd be lucky enough to have it chosen! So there I was on the computer taking care of stuff and I heard while listening to the radio...."Next up Jessica in Pasadena wants to hear a block from The Cure!" Ahhh it was so cool!!! :) So I cranked up the radio, and they played all my songs I requested. #1 "Fascination Street" #2 "Pictures of You" and #3 "Letter to Elise" It was hands down the COOLEST thing!! In between songs the DJ came on and said "Ah Jessica, a girl after my own heart with The Cure!" OMG, it was literally my 15 minutes of radio fame :) How cool is that!!?? Scott had come in from being out with a friend, and he heard it on the radio and we were cracking up! When he walked in the house The Cure was blasting and I was singing all through the house! Thanks WRNR and The Cure!

Well today is about getting things done. I've been relaxing today, while taking care of laundry, house stuff, and just "stuff" in general. The Superbowl is tonight, and It's probably the first time I don't have much desire to watch it.

This week has some busyness to it already. Going out in Baltimore tomorrow night for dinner. Tuesday I'm going to see a specialist for CF and pregnancy and am nervous. I thought it may have been this month, but no go :( I'm keeping my head up though and thinking positive! Have to get a baby shower gift for my cousin-in-law, and am going out with my friend Julie for dinner which is very much needed!
On that's to a better week than last.