Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CF Clinic Visit

Yesterday was my 3 month appointment @ Hopkins and I'm happy to say it went very well. I'm doing a study currently at Hopkins on how I balance CF treatments with everyday life. I met with the counselor for the first time, then it was off to PFT's.

I'm not sure the exact reason of this but I really really loathe doing PFT's. It's just one of those things, that If I let it, I'd have a full blown anxiety attack. Ugh. Yesterday I thought long and hard about why it bothers me so much. Besides the obvious fears, I think it's because maybe it's like going in for an exam and having test anxiety? Not sure how many other of my CF'ers out there feel the same way....I'm happy to report that my PFT's were up 5% from last time, and I am THRILLED!!! I've been running at the gym 2 miles or more, 4 times a week. It's nice to see my running paying of and looking at that paper and seeing an increase.

My clinic visit was by far a record for the fastest visit I've ever had! My poor doctor was so slammed, when he saw me he jumped right over to see me. It went something like this.

Doc: How are you feeling Jess?
Me: Great!
Doc: How do you like Cayston?
Me: I love it so much for so many reasons.
Doc: How were your PFT's (shows him paper)
Doc: Great! Anything going on?
Me: Nope, just allergies.
Doc: Exercising?
Me: Yes sir @ the gym 4 days a week running several miles.
Doc: Ok great, keep up the great work and we'll see you in 3 months.
Me: Woo Hoo, later gator ;)

Despite sitting in traffic and it taking me 2 hours to get home ( I live 30 minutes away from Baltimore/Hopkins) It was a GREAT visit! Note to self...Never schedule a clinic visit in the summer when the Orioles are having a home game. Makes for some crazy city traffic ;)

Overall very happy!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Personal Best

Today I had the best run and beat my personal best record. I am still over the moon about this! I've been running at least a mile at the gym 4 times a week. This last week I decided to kick it up a bit and try to add at least .1-.2 each time I run. So far so good I have to say. Today I was supposed to run 1.4 miles and went way further. I was watching Ellen and jamming to the good ole iPOD and looked down and bam I had run 2 miles non stop!!!!!!! My lungs didn't even hurt, I wasn't short of breath, I was just a salty sweaty mess. I still can't believe it!! My legs feel like jello right now, but you know what?...It's the best feeling in the world :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blackberry meets Coffee

I repel technology, let me explain the most recent episode:

This is not a good combination as you may have already guessed. And no I don't mean blackberry as in a coffee creamer flavor either (thank you Piper) ;), I mean my phone THE Blackberrry. I had the day off work and was laying in bed with Hooper watching TV. I can't remember if we were watching "The Golden Girls" or "Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood" (insert nerd label here I know) haha....Anyway somewhere in there a door bell rings on TV. My loving companion, Mr. Greyhound Hooper thinks it's the door bell at our house. He proceeds to jump up, bark, knock the Blackberry that was on my lap clear into my steaming cup of coffee. He couldn't do that again if he tried!

So we had "operation Blackberry emergency" at our house. The reason for this is, the case for my phone is as secure as Fort Knox ;) I ran downstairs like a maniac for Scott to help me get the case off! I used the blow-dryer on the phone for a while, and sat it under a ceiling fan for the rest of the day.

I was sure it was a goner and fried since it wouldn't even turn on after several hours. Even this morning I got nothing out of it. However about midway through the work day I thought I would just check it out. Bam, it actually turned on and IS working!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!

The only thing so far is that the "A" key isn't working. So sorry for those who receive texts from me, will look a little silly without use of that key. So for now, shopping for the Droid is on hold. We shall see if the Blackberry continues to work, hope so!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pink Eye!?

Yes, I have Pink Eye, and I'm pretty sure I haven't had this diagnosis since oh...about 3rd grade? I woke up for work on Monday and my eyes were bloodshot, it was pretty scary looking. I get into work and realize I need some eye drops stat or I'm going to scare my patients away. I thought nothing about this, chalking it all up to my allergies.....wrong.

I woke up Tuesday morning with the classic symptoms, bloodshoot, all junky, and swollen shut. Not what I was expecting at all I have to admit. I made my way to the local "Patient First" facility, which is so much better than my Primary Care office, more efficient, faster, and nicer.

The Doctor came in and did her examination of my eyes and of course said it was indeed Pink Eye. She had a feeling I may have a scratched eye, so we examined a little further, luckily we did this. Turns out I have 2 rather larger scratches on my eye (not the cornea thankfully) hence causing the infection, which then spread to the other eye. We determined that I scratched them while hiking last weekend. It was the windiest day I've ever hiked in and I remember a few things getting in my eyes here and there. Well turns out it was pretty significant and caused all this.

Luckily enough, the Gentamicin drops are doing their job and my eyes feel so much better today. Yesterday it actually hurt to look at something. So thankful it's getting better :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nebulizing...I've come a long way baby.

Last night I did something that I honestly thought was no big deal. In the middle of us having our best friends over on our back deck, I went and grabbed my nebulizer, came out with it and starting doing my treatments. Yes that's right, amidst friends, food, laughter and drinks I masked up and started my TOBI.

Rewind...years ago, when I first met Scott I was mortified to let him see me doing any of my treatments via nebulizer. Oh and the vest, forget it, I thought he'd never see that happen! Wow, it's funny how things change I guess. Granted I was 19 years old then, and now at the age of 30 I'm totally comfortable with it and this is who I am. Infact, I was so comfortable in front of our friends, that It never crossed my mind to neb in front of them.

I went inside to get something and Scott followed me in. He caught me off guard when he said how proud of me he was for "nebbing" infront of our friends. I had to take a second and think to myself, wow, I've come a long way baby ;)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Nurses Day!

Being a NURSE means you carry immense responsibility & very little authority. You step into people's lives and make a difference. Some bless you, others curse you. You see people at their worst and best. You see life begin and end. You see people's capacity for love, courage, and endurance....

Today was a wonderful Nurses Day! I gave my fellow RN's Nurses day cards, and it went up from there. We were delivered bagels, donuts, fruit platter, and an Edible Arrangement. The BEST part of the day was when my wonderful Husband surprised me at work (while putting an IV in someone mind you) with BEAUTIFUL roses and a card. It was so sweet, and the flowers are stunningly beautiful! I then treated myself to a relaxing pedicure :)

I absolutely LOVE what I do, and know It's what I'm supposed to be doing. Everyday when I go to work I realize how lucky I am that I get to take care of people, comfort them, and alleviate stress. I've saved lives, and I've lost them too. No matter what, there isn't any other career I'd rather do.

Happy Nurses Day!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Kitchen Remodeling

Here's the before and after of the kitchen (minus the countertops)

Last week we both took off work to rip out and install the new kitchen. I have never, I repeat, I have NEVER worked so hard in my life. Well, maybe, well yes, but you get the point right? We started last Friday and were basically finished everything by Wednesday. All we're waiting for now are the countertops to be installed in a few weeks. I learned a ton, got to play with rad power tools, and even have a few "battle wounds" to show off our hard work. ;)

Since we were finished with the big project, Scott surprised me with us ripping out the carpets in the entire upstairs. This was awesome!!! The previous owners of the house had cats, and no offense to cat lovers, but I am allergic to them unfortunately. The best part besides ripping out the carpet, was the underneath is GORGEOUS original hard wood floors!! I'm so excited. Wow, I must be getting old if carpet removal puts me on cloud nine. Haha. We're still working on the floors as far as restaining them, but boy does the house look amazing. I'm so grateful for my "handy-man" husband and all of our hard work.