Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Is it something I'm doing?

When I got off work today I was able to go out and run some of my errands. We have a Wal-Mart right by work, so I went there first. Mind you, I'm not a Wal-Mart fan simply because the ones around here just aren't the nicest, nor have the nicest of employees but you just can't beat the prices on food etc. so I sucked it up and went today. It wasn't bad at all, infact it was quite amusing. I'm not sure what it is about me but where ever we go people just seem to talk to me. Maybe I'm wearing a sign on my forehead or something? LOL. Anyway I came in contact with SEVERAL people today who just started talking to me. Of course me being a chatter box was happy to respond.

#1 The diabetic looking for wheat pasta and since I'm in scrubs I must be a nurse (right he was) and could give some good diabetic counseling, so I helped him.

#2 The guy who couldn't believe I was buying a vat of soy sauce. Hey it's a great deal, and I love soy sauce so much so why not? So we start talking about the different uses of soy sauce, and he proceeds to tell me all the different kinds of foods he likes (minus soy sauce which he hated) too cute.

#3 The guy looking for paper towels in the wrong isle, so I tell him where I think they are in the store (I'm not there enough to know for sure) He happily starts chatting with me too.

#4 Same guy as above runs into me later to thank me for him indeed finding the paper towels where I told him they may be. He then proceeded to talk about the benefits of buying in bulk. (He must have seen my enourmously filled cart).

#5 The lady who I keep running into who is looking for Hannah Montana stuff, so I do my best to help her.

#6 The cashier who starts to talk about blood sugars (must be my scrubs....but i could be a dentist or something you know!? LOL) she starts asking me about having kids, my marriage, her boyfriend, her drama, her lovely pregnancy scares. Man I MUST BE WEARING I SIGN OR SOMETHING!!

Then I go to Chipotle for dinner. I must admit this was kind of liberating because I've never eaten by myself before and I just wanted to tonight. It was lovely and I fulfilled my craving too. Bonus! However the guy in line before me who only spoke spanish is talking away to me and I pretty much have no clue what he is saying except for the occasional word I recognized. Poor guys I just smiled and rambled about how good his food looked. Man it's even happening in foreign languages now!

I go to Target next where I am proud to say I bought 4 Christmas presents tonight! I hit the clearance rack big time and scored Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Camp Rock, etc. So needless to say my nieces are DONE!! AWESOME! :) However..in the middle of my looking through the racks this young woman approaches me to ask me about pea coats. I offer my help to her, she ends up asking me if this certain coat is cool, would fit her niece, if it's a good color etc. At this point I'm ready to just bust with laughter. Wow I sure did have a blast today, and for going out shopping by myself I sure was NOT alone. Too funny :)