Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mission: Potato

I love potatoes and all carbs for that matter :) Although every time I buy a huge bag of potatoes it never fails, that before I use all the potatoes they go bad :( I hate when that happens. Yesterday Scott went to the grocery store for me since I was feeling under the weather. I asked him to pick up a bag of potatoes for me, he refused. So I made a bet with him that if he got me the bag of potatoes that I would NOT let them go bad and would find cool new things/recipes for the potatoes. So he did end up buying them for me. Now the fun begins, I need to think of different potato recipes, I always do mashed, baked, etc. It's on!!! I will not lose this bet!!!

Any ideas??


Kevin said...

Why do I have a feeling that a lot of french fries will be served at the football party on Nov. 2? ;)