Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend overview

Ahh Monday you get here so fast. Could you please have a talk with your friends Saturday and Sunday and make them hang around a bit longer? Thanks.

Friday was nice. I actually got out of work before NOON! That's a miracle in itself. I had to leave though or I'd be in over-time. Twist my arm, my weekend started at 11:30am on a Friday. Came home and cleaned the house for our company on Saturday. When Scott came home from work we headed to Ellicott City to one of our favorite restaurants LaPalapa, walked around old Main St. and stopped for some coffee. It was a lovely chilly fall evening and we loved it.

Saturday was insane for me for several reasons. First, I was still cleaning up here and there while making food to prepare for the house full I was having (Scott's family) at night for a crab feast. I was getting ready for a baby shower when the gift went missing and I went bolistic. Got really frustrated with some family stuff and just lost it, I was a mess. Ran to baby shower which was beautiful and just lovely. Met my best friends new daughter, who I just fell in love with. Rushed home to finish up here at the house, and entertained all night long. It was great all in all, but I was exhausted to say the least!

Sunday was the day I was looking forward to ALL WEEK LONG! The 25th annual Maryland Wine Festival. Woo hoo! Scott, D, S, and me went and had a blast! Trying all the different wines, and we just love the food too. It's become an annual tradition, and this weekend it was a must needed one! We all came back to our house and I broke out all the left over snacks, food, dips, etc from Saturday night and we enjoyed them while watching the football games. I happily enjoyed watching my Ravens crush the Browns :) Once the sun went down, we brought out some of the wine we bought from the festival and put our awesome fire pit to good use. Sitting around a campfire in your yard on a cool fall evening while drinking wine with good friends....Does it get any better?