Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Busy busy

I feel like I've been going non-stop lately. This week is flying by and we've been super busy, only to just get busier. I'm having to do a ton early on in the week, since we have such a busy weekend. Today I came home from work, took care of the dogs, went grocery shopping to 2 different stores, grabbed some carryout, back home, eat, and now am cleaning the house for the weekend. Tomorrow is equally, CPR re-certification, over my cousins house for a quick visit, over Mom's to help her with some stuff, come home and make food for our work/Halloween party...ah I'm beat and it's only Wednesday :/ Friday, being Halloween we're having people over to and have a campfire after the trick-or-treaters. Saturday morning I have to be up at out of here by 0430 since I'm headed to New York for the day. And that brings me to Sunday...we're having a party! Yikes, where is my time going? I'm grateful though to have this kind of busy's good stress :)