Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mission Chicken Tortilla Soup

I had a plan in my head ALL DAY! I wanted to get out of work early, run my errands, and make a surprise dinner for Scott and have a "date night." It was a very close call...

I got out of work LATE of course, go figure. I had the recipe for the chicken tortilla printed @ my desk on my laptop, but do my dismay I get out to the truck to leave work and it's not with me, it's lost! Arg, so I have to go back into work, reprint the recipe etc, run to the grocery store, run to another store, come home and throw this dinner together as a surprise.

Luckily, Scott called me and said he had to go run an errand of his own after work. (Sigh-thank goodness)! He ended up getting stuck in traffic, blocked in a parking lot, it was a whole ordeal, and while he was stressed out, I was secretly happy for the extra time ;)

So...He got home, I was dressed up, the Chicken Tortilla soup was done and hands down was the BEST pot of soup I've ever made in my ENTIRE life!!! We absolutely loved it! So after a good dinner, and enjoying wine, it's time to relax and watch our TIVO'd Ghost Hunters YAY!