Friday, November 14, 2008


I've been a blog slacker...unintentionally of course, but I have. I feel like things have been so busy recently (but they are always I guess). Anyway no excuses, I've just been a blog-slacker. It's been a good week for the most part. Wednesday was tiring. Busy day at work, Scott had the guys over for cards, and I was working on my project which has a very fast approaching deadline.

This takes me into Thursday which I found myself the "blah-est" I've been a super long time. Working on this scanning project made me miss my Pop so so badly. I went into work and my co-worker asked me what was wrong and I simply burst into tears :( It was awful. So needless to say I took a break from the project last night. I was definitely able to get my mind off of things by hanging out with my best friend last night. Beth and I met up and shopped for scrubs (both nurses), went to Starbucks, Homegoods, and then went to Don Pablos for some mexican happy hour food. It was simply perfect and exactly what I needed! It was so nice and It was a great way to get my mind off of a lot of things that are going through it right now.

Today was such a pleasant day at work. Most days are honestly but Friday's are so busy for us that I'm kind of used to the chaos and lateness. I was actually able to get out early, we had Panera bread bought for us, and had some of the best patients today. I really love when our patients have a great sense of humor, it just makes the day so great!

After work today since I got out so early I headed to the mall to look for a dress for a party tomorrow night. And I hit the jackpot woo hoo!!! Found something that I loved that I don't think normally I would wear and it was a great price, so good that I treated myself to 2 dresses :)

Tonight Scott and I were going to go out and run errands, eat, and go shopping together however we've changed the plans. It's so rainy and dreary out (which I don't mind) that we're going to "veg out" tonight and go out together tomorrow. Here's to a lazy rainy night and the end of a long week.