Friday, December 5, 2008


Scott and I took off work yesterday and today (in addition to the weekend we already have off). It's been just wonderful so far! Yesterday we ran a million and one errands and just had fun with eachother all day. Yesterday we went to:
Michaels-picture frames w/ ribbon which i've been looking for FOREVER!
Verizon-got the new blackberry woo hoo!
Lunch @ 5 guys-nothing like an awesome cheeseburger!
Best Buy-just browsing
Toys R Us- just browsing
Claires-got some sale jewelry
Target-finally got the toaster we've needed for a year, and a new coffee grinder since we killed ours last weekend accidentally by grinding whole cloves in it. oops.
Payless-got a pair of boots for Christmas, and Scott got some dress shoes
Cigar shop- got Scott a cigar cutter for Christmas.

Last night we watched "Christmas Vacation" it was awesome. I haven't seen it in years, and it was on sale at Target..bonus! I made a huge bowl of queso and chips. Yum. It was definitely a great day.

Today I've been figuring out the new blackberry, and we've been painting our last wall in the upstairs. Looks great too, I'm so excited! Wow I never realized how I NEVER take off work, unless I'm sick or something. It's absolutely awesome to take off just because!'s not even the weekend yet!! Woo hoo!! Tonight we're off to old Ellicott City for midnight madness, can't wait!