Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things about My 4 days off.
Scott and I took today and tomorrow off together just because we never take off work :) So here's some things I'd like to do during our 4 day weekend.
1. Get Starbucks...Pumpkin spice latte yummy :)
2. Go to the verizon store and check out the blackberry since i'm due for an upgrade
3. Wonder around the mall just because I'm not at work woo hoo! (Although I really do love my job it's nice to take off just because which I never do)
4. Go Christmas shopping, and have Scott show me stuff he wants for Christmas
5. Go to Ellicott City's midnight madness tomorrow night and walk Main St. and enjoy it's Christmas decorations and old time feeling.
6. Stay up late because I don't have to get up @ 0430
7. Tape the wall upstairs and finish painting it
8. Go to Home Depot and pick out our stuff to finish the upstairs bathroom
9. Happy hour with friends tomorrow night
10. RELAX and perhaps do nothing :)
11. Finish my scanning/photo project, since my deadline is Christmas Day!
12. Bake some more cookies and listen to Christmas music all day long
13. Work on my recipe book that I keep, i need to add a ton of recipes that i've recently made.