Saturday, January 17, 2009

The crawler

So Hooper crawls, yes my dog the greyhound crawls like a kid. He's so cute though! I've been working out and sticking to my guns about it which is great! However....he has to follow me wherever I am. I don't think he's too happy when we go in the basement where it's cold and I work out. When I start to do my weight lifting I make him sit and stay, so he's out of the way. Doesn't work! He crawls over to me, a couple inches here, a couple inches there...I usually stop, and take him back over to where we started and start the process all over. I wish he understood I'm only doing this so he won't get hit in the head if one of the weights comes off. :(

So just now after working out and taking Hooper back over to where we started a few million times, I just gave up. So I guess he has me trained, because I end up doing my work out with my face plastered to the wall ;)