Saturday, January 10, 2009

Work It

So I've been sticking to my guns about getting back in shape. Considering I used to run track, play volleyball, and tennis, I know I CAN do this and I WILL! I've been using the eliptical every other day, and started weight training. I used to be so in shape in was insane! Plus after talking with my fellow CF peeps ;) I'm seeing that I can definitely be working out more than I am. So I just got back from mapping out a course in our neighborhood to start jogging. Scott is even going to join me, YAY :) My goal for right now is a mile. As for a time, who cares as long as I do it. Although I used to be able to run a 7 minute mile, whoa.

As for today It's my Dad's big 5oth birthday!!! We're going over their house to watch the Ravens playoff game and to celebrate his birthday :) I've also found a new coffee that I'm in love with (random I know). I found it at Target yesterday while shopping, it's Raspberry Chocolate. I'm usually not a big fan of flavored coffees, but am a sucker for Raspberry! YUM!

Here's to a lovely weekend. I may not be able to type tomorrow considering I know how sore my arms are going to be after shocking them this morning with weights ;) Poor guys!