Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday 13 (Random)

  1. I'm so happy tomorrow is Friday
  2. I'm looking forward to dinner tomorrow night with Julie and seeing the girls
  3. We need to finish the bathroom still...
  4. I just realized I didn't eat dinner tonight, hmm i need to eat!
  5. I just got my new glasses yesterday (for the computer) Since we have gotten portable lap-tops at work my eyes aren't too happy with the tiny screens.
  6. Today is Sarah's birthday :)
  7. My birthday is exactly 7 days away
  8. It was wonderful to hang out with Beth last night, we had fun at Du Claw's especially
  9. Sometimes my boss makes me wonder how she does it, since she has no clue (honestly)
  10. I'm so happy for all the friendships and new fellow CF people I've been meeting/emailing
  11. I bought the new Snow Patrol album off of iTUNES, so far so good
  12. I'm addicted to a song by Lisa Hannigan called "I don't know" I'm convinced it's one of the sweetest songs on the planet
  13. I haven't been for a nice long drive while enjoying good music in a while...