Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Today's the day!

Warmer temperatures, no wind, out of work reasonably means I got to run! That's right, the "couch to 5K" started today and it feels great. Surprisingly I had no problems at all. I'm hoping that's because I've been working out and lifting small weights. Scott even went running with me and he hates to run. He was "motivated" by me he said, but he still hates running, ha ha.

Tomorrow after work Beth is coming over and we're doing Day #2 of the training. Same thing, 5 minute brisk walk, followed by 20 minutes of 60 second run, 90 second walk. It went by so fast and felt awesome when finished! My back was giving me some major issues today at work, but luckily Motrin took it away. Hopefully they stay away and don't return tomorrow :)

On CF2Chat last night I was talking with some fellow CFers about an FEV1 meter. So tonight I'm doing my research on one. How great would that be to check it everyday and not stress myself out beyond description over my FEV1 result the ONE day I'm at clinic 4x a year! AWESOME!! Maybe the doctors will even give me one, who knows? Can't hurt to ask and that's what I'm going to do tomorrow. I also posted the question on both CF forums I'm on...hoping for some feedback soon. That would be awesome that even if my FEV1 was down or so at my appt. be able to show them how I've been trending the other 3 months before my visit, and not just focus on one day! Yippee! I'm also shopping around for a new digital runners watch. I'm on a roll :)