Sunday, May 24, 2009

Motivation Is...

When you feel like you are definitely getting a cold but force yourself to workout because you know your lungs will be happy you did it. Ugh. That was me earlier, feeling a little under the weather, scratchy throat, maybe feverish?, and very bugged by my allergies.

Anyway I made myself go out and ride my bike vigorously for 30 minutes. I'm sure it was around 5 miles or so. Did my meter when I got home and the numbers were awesome so I felt awesome! It felt really good when I was finished, and hope my body appreciates it ;)
Here's hoping this "cold" is just allergies....*fingers crossed*

2 comments: said...

Great job on pushing through it!!

Have you ever tried Emergen-C (or however they spell it)?


Jess said...

No I haven't but maybe I should. I usually do Zicam and have had good results with it. Is Emergen-C available pretty much everywhere?