Sunday, June 28, 2009

Busy weekend

Wow the weekend completely flew by! I can't believe that I work in about 9 hours, whoa.

Friday night we went to have dinner with friends and go see Transformers 2. For those of you who don't know Scott, he's the biggest Transformers fan on the planet. Transformers fill our house, and he has EVERY Transformer of Generation 1 ever made. So obviously it's part of my marital contract to partake in such Transformers events ;) The movie was "ok" I was kind of disappointed. I have to say the first one was better. But overall we had fun.

Saturday was a great day. I got up in the morning, went and got a large coffee, and spent the morning finishing the first book of the TWILIGHT series. OMG I am so hooked on these books already! Sooooo good! And like every female has told me to "enjoy falling in love with Edward"...oh I really am!!! It was a relaxing morning, followed by a trip to Target. I find myself there at least once a week. It's my favorite place to just pick up odds and ends type stuff. Later Saturday night we went to a crab feast which was awesome :) Steamed crabs and beer makes for a great night amongst friends.

Today was just as nice. I got up early and met up with Beth at Starbucks and then Kohls. I was on a mission to find my grandmother a birthday gift for her party today. What to procrastinate eh? Well I ended up getting her a great jewelry set of pearl earrings and a necklace and she really loved it. For her birthday I made her a purse-cake and it turned out reall cute! I was surprised how easy it actually was. I have to give Scott his credit, he actually baked the cake for me while I was out gift hunting and coffee drinking earlier. Thanks! :) So I assembled and did all the fancy stuff to it when I got home. Then it was off to Granny's birthday party this evening. All in all it was very nice with the exception of the usual, minimal family drama. It was great to see my cousins, baby Ally, and the extended family as always.

So now I sit here doing the neb/meds routine thinking about the week ahead. Hmm also realizing that I nothing done at home this weekend that needed to get done. Guess laundry will be Monday's after work project, oh yay. I had no time to workout this weekend too which wore on me a little bit. I didn't feel a difference of anything bad, but It just bugged me. So 2 days is no big deal, but means after work tomorrow, before tackling the mounds of laundry that exercise is first.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm also beginning the next book in the series called "New Moon." I've never in my life been so excited to come home and read!!!! I loved the first book, and am hoping it just gets better and better. I can see my social life dwindling while I'm reading these books....ha ha.


Katey said...

Glad you had a good weekend! That cake is so cute!!!