Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sick Puppy

Poor Hooper, my 7 year old Greyhound has not been feeling too great this weekend. And for you dog people out there, or people who's dogs are your kids, know how scary it is. It all started Friday afternoon. Scott got home from work first and called me and sounded worried. He said that one of the dogs had had accidents all over our basement. Mind you in all the 11 years of having dogs together, this has never happened. My heart sank. It was so bad that on my way home from work, I had to stop to rent a steam cleaner. He seemed ok, that night just had loose stools, but was acting normal for the most part.

Then Saturday morniny my "mother ears" were in full effect and I knew something was wrong. Hooper has always slept wrapped up in a blanket since the moment we got him at 8 weeks of age. He literally walks over to his comforter, uses his head to pick up a piece, then goes in and wraps himself completely in it. So at 4 am I heard him licking, and I knew he should be sleeping. I pull the covers back (he sleeps on the floor next to my side) and he is covered in dog food that he had vomited up :( Poor baby, I felt AWFUL!! So at 4 am Scott gave him a bath, and I put the steam cleaner to use again to clean up the aftermath. The rest of the night, well morning actually, he did ok.

He's eating, he's drinking, he's being his normal playful silly self. However I can't help but be worried sick about him. He hasn't gotten into anything different that I can tell, and trust me we've been maniacs trying to figure it out. The only thing we've come close to is our water. When we got home from MB last Saturday we noticed that our water system was acting up. We are on a well, so we have an osmosis/water treatment system. Well Scott figured out that our salt tank wasn't working properly. He's been working on fixing that all weekend long too. You can smell the iron in the water too. So we have a Brita filter, but we never even thought that the dogs water is coming from that system too :( I feel horrible if that's it. So needless to say we immediately went out yesterday and got gallons of Spring water that is just for their water.

So far today so good. He still has the lower GI issues, but again is his happy self. I hope this resolves and it was just the water, which is now fixed for them. Despite not being a "real" mom, man I can barely take one of them not feeling well.

Today we are off to go Kayaking at our beach. Then it's running time again for me. I'm hoping to do my mile again. We shall see....


Ronnie "Sickboy" Sharpe said...

Scott's the man! Up at 4am to give Hooper a bath? Scott's a keeper!


Jess said...

Thanks Ronnie! Yes he most definitely is a keeper for sure. Talk about one heck of a good dog-dad....and husband ;)