Monday, August 31, 2009


Well today was a great day! (mostly) The weather was a crisp low 70's and just beautiful!! It felt like fall so much today!! The girls and I went running after work and it was a great run. We kicked it up a notch on our running plan and it felt great. My legs already feel the increase, and my breathing felt amazing! :)

However this evening we are waterless. We just had our water treatment fixed and this evening it failed again. I was cleaning up dinner and rinsing off some dishes and bam, zero in the water department. We ran downstairs and luckily Scott is handy and knew what to do for the most part. Shortly there after we called our water guy and he was here literally in 2 minutes which is awesome. Bummer is we still have no water :( The guys are here now fixing it. Hopefully it's fixed tonight or I'll be dunking my head in the water at work tomorrow prior to patients arrival for a sink shower. Yikes...tonight though means no bathroom, no nothing. Luckily my parents live 2 miles down the road ;)


Kristen said...

That sucks, I hope they fix it soon.

Jess said...

Ha sucked indeed!! LOL!! that cracked me up! The dust worked, and we had the water back this morning! ;)