Monday, August 10, 2009

"You're kidding me right?"

Ok so I find myself saying this phrase lately with a few situations going on right now in my life. Anyway.....I'm choosing to write about how this phrase ties in to only one of them.... So here in Maryland it's been blazing hot. So hot, and indeed the kind of hot, that you're advised not to go outside unless absolutely necessary. Definitely not a good day for respiratory people for sure. So my plan for today was to run, however since It's so bad outside I know how bad that would be. Infact I'm sure it would do much more harm than good. So I decide that I'll come home and do my workout on the Eliptical.

However....(Insert "You're kidding me right?" here) I go downstairs and remember that the Eliptical is broken as of Saturday. During our clean up work from Hooper being sick, Scott accidentally ripped out the power cord on it, and he is in the process of taking it apart to be fixed. Thing is Scott isn't home tonight, so there is no hope of it being fixed tonight for that matter. So I decided to lift weights tonight instead. Although I'm disappointed I didn't get the cardio in, I'm happy to have done a great lift routine. I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow! :)

I'm hoping that this "code Red" heat advisory goes away soon. Or at least we can get the Eliptical fixed without it looking like an electronic nightmare in the basement ;)


Colleen said...

I had a "you're kidding me" moment myself yesterday. After work I was very motivated to go right to the gym. I changed, filled my water jug, grabbed my stuff and headed to the gym. I wasn't until I got there that I realized I had on flip-flops with no workout shoes. Are you kidding me? How did I leave the house without my shoes? Ug, I was so mad at myself. After standing there for 10 minutes trying to decide what to do, I just hopped on a bike and was still able to get in a workout. Dho!