Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First 5K run!

That's right, today I signed up to do my very first 5K run!!! I'm so excited for this. Talk about a great goal to work towards. I've been doing the couch to 5K plan for a while myself. Then when the girls at work started to run with me, I started over and together we began at the beginning. The 5K is Sunday October 4th. By the time of the 5K we'll be at week 7 of 9 which has you running 2.5 miles in about 25 minutes. Very exciting!

The 5K supports the Colon Cancer Foundation. This run is dedicated in the memory of a patient of ours who lost the battle to Colon Cancer a few years ago. I can't wait to do this!!!

And the running continues! :)


Kristen said...

That's great! Good luck working towards your goal!

Katey said...

AWESOME!!!!! I'll be praying for you!!!! Good luck!!!