Sunday, October 18, 2009


I'm wondering if anyone has tried any Herbals, and if they worked? I've had my second sinus infection in 2 months and that motivated me to do some research. Granted as a nurse, I'm around tons of people all day long so colds are inevitable. My coworkers have been very sick lately and I really really don't want to get what they have. So along with the immune system herbals I found others that I thought may be helpful, even CF wise? We'll see.

I purchased:

Milk Thistle
St. John's Wort

I'm interested to see if I see/feel any differences. I'm just trying to be pro-active, especially in this awful flu season thus far.


Katey said...

I heard Echinacea (sorry if i spelled that wrong) really helps. I used to take it years ago!!

Praying these herbals help and you don't catch anything from your co-workers!!

Anonymous said...

My Best friend was doing some research when He found out I had cf, I kept it from him for so long so when I finally had it in me to tell him, he went home and found every article he could. He printed me out this interesting article about Curcumin and the postive effects it has on cf..I started using it at first I couldnt tell a diffrence but when I was admitted into the hospital and wasn't taken I felt a huge diffrence then. The best web-site i have found to buy my herbs Is: beyond a
Good luck on everything i will keep you in thoughts...