Monday, October 12, 2009

Up Up and Away

I bought a home FEV1 monitor several months ago. I try not to obsess over the numbers, but sometimes I do just that. So over the course of the year I've seen a huge improvement! That along with my continuous efforts to run several times a week. So after work today I blew into the monitor and got the HIGHEST number I've EVER gotten!!!! I thought I was going to burst I was so excited!!!

When I got home I did my Monday run, and felt great! I was able to do 2 miles in 24:03. The coworkers said they wanted to start back running today with me after work. Did it happen? Unfortunately not, but that's ok, I couldn't be happier for my own progress and FEV1 today!! :) And I need to somehow make sure I save this, so I can show Hopkins at my next clinic visit! Woo!


CowTown said...

Awesome Jessica!! Whohoo. So what was the new number vs old?

Sonja said...

That is GRRRRREAT!! I keep telling my hubby to exercise..that he will see an improvement, but I can't get him motivated to do it consistently.

niki36 said...

Whoa great job!!! So excited for you. I am sure if I had a home FEV1 monitor I would obsess for sure!!


Colleen said...

I wold totally obsess with a FEV1 monitor too. How did you get hooked up with that?

Katey said...

That's awesome!!! Keep up the good work! I have heard having your own monitor is very beneficial because you have an idea of what the numbers are and can work on getting them up before going to clinic!

Did you buy it out of pocket or did insurance pay for it? Just don't have to answer if you dont' want!

Ronnie "Sickboy" Sharpe said...

Yeah, I think I would obsess as well....GREAT job on your FEV1!!!!!!! Seriously, AWESOME!!!!!


Jess said...

Thanks so much guys, you're awesome!!!

I blew a 2.0 on my fev which i haven't seen in 2006. so happy about that! I'm totally seeing a steady increase.

As for the meter, I got it off of and paid for it myself, about $45. I love it, and I verified it with my clinic, and yes they do recognize that model and approve :)
Here's the link

Cara said...

I am SO getting an at home FEV1 monitor!! That is genius! CONGRATS on your numbers, Jess!