Saturday, December 19, 2009


Well here in MD we are getting pounded with a snow storm, and I am absolutely loving every little, well big flake that falls :) I've wanted a huge storm for years now, as I have felt that we've been ripped off every winter. NOT THIS TIME!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!

My favorite things about the Snow are:
*Watching it fall, there is nothing like it
*The way it looks on the trees, especially the pine trees in our yard
*Watching the dogs play in it, their first reaction always cracks us up
*Me playing in the snow too
*SKIING!!! Hoping to go again this year, and Snow Tubing too.
*How it's falling right around Christmas, it just seems right
*How at night, the lights will make the snow glisten
*How it's happening on a weekend, and this Nurse doesn't have to work in it ;)
*That we'll be in the house all weekend and don't have to leave
*I get to bake cookies, listen to Christmas music, while watching the snow accumulate
*That we have a fire in the fireplace during this snow storm

I'm sure there is a TON more that I didn't mention. So far we have several inches and it's supposed to fall all day long!!!! Yippee!!! SNOW DAY!!!