Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Tree is Up!

We brought in the first day in December with putting up the Christmas tree! I just love this time of year! Usually we have it up after the marathon day on Black Friday, but have been so busy with other things that it didn't happen. So last night was dedicated to putting up the tree. We started out the night with Scott getting Chipotle carry out for dinner :) Then I lit the Yankee "Christmas Cookie" candle, got 2 wine glasses (red and green) opened a special bottle of wine, and let the Christmas music fill the house! We had a great time, and it looks BEAUTIFUL! I love how when the lights are off the tree and basister just glisten with lights! Even the dogs get into the spirit ;) Happy Holidays!


Misha said...

I need to get my tree up, I'm dreading digging it out of the storage building lol

Colleen said...

Your furry baby is so cute and in such great holiday spirits!