Monday, January 25, 2010


Today was a nice way to start of the week, with some small accomplishments. For starters I did an extra long, hard workout at the gym today. Man do I really love going there after work, and the HUGE senstation of accomplishment that follows it! My knee was giving me some pretty severe pain today while at work, so I decided not to run, but spin/or bike instead. It was awesome, and so intense! I did a coarse for 6.91 miles/39:55. I also lifted weights today too. I may not be as strong as those big guys on the "manly" side of the gym as I call it, but I'm doing it! I have to laugh at myself when I'm huffing and puffing because my little arms are shaking lifting these little 10 lb weights, while the giants could lift me in an arm ;)

I also made a new recipe tonight, Broccoli and Cheese soup, and thought it turned out Fantastic! I like to try to make something new each week, so definitely got that sense of accomplishment tonight from doing so. Will be making that again for sure!

I got the chance to get some things off my chest today...always a good thing.

And so far it looks like Scott is starting to feel better from his bad cold. Now If my immune system wards of this cold.....well that my friends will be a BIG Accomplishment! ;)


Katey said...

Yeah for little accomplishments. I wish I liked and could would be neat to "try" new things each week. I love looking at recipes...just not making them :)

Glad Scott is feeling better and praying your immune system is working at its best!

wheelboy and son said...

each achievement deserves a smile and a pat on the back. keep going