Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This Place is A ZOO!

Yup, it kind of is a mini zoo in it's own way for a few days. Were watching my BFF's 2 chihuahua's, and wow is it crazy around here. It's actually quite hilarious, and we love it. All four dogs are getting along together well, playing, and being totally crazy. It just cracks me up that these dogs are so TINY compared to my two 65 lb-ers, LOL. I'm not used to dogs that I can hold in my hand, and fear stepping on.

I'm trying to do some research on the combination of Prednisone and Cipro being used together. According my CF nurse, this combination can cause severe tendonitis, or acute tendon rupture? Wow, and ouch, no thanks. I've been on this combo several different times in my life without problem, just kind of scary to think about. So I'll be avoiding the gym this week too unfortunately. That doesn't make me happy, but they don't want me "overdoing it" :/ Bummer.

I'm currently waiting for our latest SNOW STORM to hit us anytime now...I'll have to drive in it for work, regardless, but that's ok I love it! Hmm can Nurses get snow days? Ha ha No, I've never had one in almost 8 years.


Misha said...

I've been worried about this too. I'm on the same thing and I was reading, and that's kinda scary. How many days of prednisone are you on? I'm on like two days of 20mg twice a day but then I take less after that. So a total of 6 days. This is the first time I've been on it but it doesn't seem like they gave me a big prescription. I'm hoping that means I won't have any bad side effects.
Anyway sorry you won't get to make it to the gym, I know that really helps in getting you to feel better faster

Somer Love said...

sometimes cipro can cause those just by itself it happened to Emily Schaller only being on Cipro. So just take it easy! And enjoy all the doggies glad they are all getting along!