Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blackberry meets Coffee

I repel technology, let me explain the most recent episode:

This is not a good combination as you may have already guessed. And no I don't mean blackberry as in a coffee creamer flavor either (thank you Piper) ;), I mean my phone THE Blackberrry. I had the day off work and was laying in bed with Hooper watching TV. I can't remember if we were watching "The Golden Girls" or "Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood" (insert nerd label here I know) haha....Anyway somewhere in there a door bell rings on TV. My loving companion, Mr. Greyhound Hooper thinks it's the door bell at our house. He proceeds to jump up, bark, knock the Blackberry that was on my lap clear into my steaming cup of coffee. He couldn't do that again if he tried!

So we had "operation Blackberry emergency" at our house. The reason for this is, the case for my phone is as secure as Fort Knox ;) I ran downstairs like a maniac for Scott to help me get the case off! I used the blow-dryer on the phone for a while, and sat it under a ceiling fan for the rest of the day.

I was sure it was a goner and fried since it wouldn't even turn on after several hours. Even this morning I got nothing out of it. However about midway through the work day I thought I would just check it out. Bam, it actually turned on and IS working!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!

The only thing so far is that the "A" key isn't working. So sorry for those who receive texts from me, will look a little silly without use of that key. So for now, shopping for the Droid is on hold. We shall see if the Blackberry continues to work, hope so!


Laura said...

My dogs do that too with tv door bells!! ugh! I'm glad your phone is working again!! Cell phones are a life saver. But a major pain in the A** when they brake!! Hope your eyes are seeing clearly now! haha