Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hospitalized for Pancreatitis/GI issues

What a week. However in the grand scheme of life I have a lot to be grateful for. Where do I even begin...

I left off at the 102 degree fevers and hoping the stone would pass quietly and painlessly. Wrong.
I ended up spiking another 102 degree fever that woke me up at 1:30 am. I relied on Tylenol yet again to come to the rescue and break the fever and it did.
Wednesday morning I called my CF nurse to touch base with her since the on call doctor told me to watch things over night. I was told to go to the E.R. for evaluation and if something was going on, I'd be transferred to Hopkins. The rest of it is kind of a blur to be honest.
I was given so much pain medication and nausea medication that I feel as If I were sedated the last few days.

Skip ahead to Friday.....I had an MRCP done which is an MRI of the Liver, Gallbladder area etc, and it was clear for stones. So the doctors think I passed the stone probably on Tuesday when the fevers hit. That was good news though because if I were to have had a stone, the risk of an ERCP (procedure to remove the stone) would have been very risky. I ended up with Pancreatitis from the stone, but all is resolving nicely.

I was discharged late Friday night which I barely remember, but so happy to be out of the hospital. The plan is to increase my Urso in the hopes that it prevents more stones from forming. *Knocks on Wood*
I'm so fortunate that this hospitalization didn't call for further intervention like a stent placed etc. I'd also like to mention how wonderful my husband is for being by my side and taking care of me and being the my best friend.

I am so beyond fortunate and grateful for my wonderful friends, family, and CF family for the wonderful outreach of love and support.

Happy Healing....


Josh said...

Damn girl! Hang in there! Peaceful and positive things for you and a super speedy recovery!

Colleen said...

I hate to hear about you suffering. I hope you are feeling better and on the road to recovery.

Katey said...

Wow. I'm glad the stone was able to pass and no further interventions had to be used. And although things may have been a least the pain (or I'm assuming) was taken care of. Hoping everything clears up quickly and completely so you can get back to running. Praying for you! Question: so were these "gall stones" or kidney stone? I had my gallbladder out last November (had no idea how much pain I was really in until it was out).