Wednesday, October 27, 2010

30 Minutes of Hell = :)

The sinus drainage reared it's ugly head again this morning. I could not only feel it in my head, but in my chest too, and it wasn't pretty. I checked my #'s with my FEV1 meter and wasn't thrilled to say the least. I was able to sleep without interruption and needing cough medicine last night which was so nice. Today, first thing, I loaded up on my Atrovent spray. That stuff is like a miracle for my sinuses. It stopped the drainage and let me get my workout in at lunch time...

Today at the gym it was a tough work out for sure because I felt so tight in my chest already. I decided to do the Elliptical for a full 30 minutes on a higher resistance than normal. It was killer! I was sweating SO much, and then began coughing my head off. Don't get me wrong, this is totally a good thing! :) By the time I was finished I was completely soaked and looked like I had just gotten out of the shower. Yowza!

After that workout my #'s improved drastically, and my sinuses seem much happier as am I ;)