Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thanks Day 10 (Hydration)

I woke up with another fever today, and decided it was time to see the Primary care Doc. Flu, and Mono were negative thankfully. Altough they said I still could have one of the hundreds of unknown flu strains. My bloodwork was ok overall. But the major finding was SEVERE DEHYDRATION. Despite me trying to drink a ton of water, the fevers have been winning and dehydrating me.

So I ended up getting stuck 3 times which was no fun. I have wonderfully huge veins, but today those veins were somewhere else. Oh that's right, they were off in the land of dehydration. So we get an IV in, and about 500cc's into the IV bag my wrist swelled up like a golf ball because it had infiltrated.

I was sent home to hydrate orally today, again. Only today I was given specific instructions which was helpful in making this happen. Scott brought me home 2 big gatorades to aide, and they have been great (I love gatorade).

The good news is that today I've been fever free since this morning's temperature check! I've been rehydrating, and sleeping my head off. I've woken up a few times completely drenched in sweat, eww. Oh well, I'm hoping with everything I've got, that the hydration has knocked this virus down and out for good!



Rick said...

Have you tried the G2? I can't tell the difference between it and the original aid.