Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanks Day 29 (The GYM!)

I LOVE going to my gym. It's literally steps away from where I work, so It is super convenient. I actually prefer my gym be near work, that way I can go there right after working and be done! It's a pretty small gym aka no "meat heads" walking around (haha). Everyone there is very friendly, and I feel the people are very down to earth which is nice.

Everyone is different in what they choose to do for exercise. However, for me, cardio is the only way to go. I've tried yoga and just didn't feel the thing I was looking for. So I tend to rotate running, biking, and the Elliptical with different routines. As long as I have my IPOD there to pump me up, we're golden!

I always feel physically and mentally on top of the world when I've accomplished a good workout. The cardio has made a big difference in my lung function too. Just when I think I feel good, I go to the gym and really work the stuff out of my lungs, whoa then I feel great.

For the way it makes me feel, the convenience, and providing me with being able to get the job done...I am very thankful for my GYM!! :)

For todays workout I did 2 miles jogging for 30 minutes on the Treadmill (Or as I heard it referred to today.."The Dread-mill") That cracked me up ;)