Sunday, January 2, 2011

Can't think of a better New Year's weekend

We spent this weekend celebrating Christmas (and New Year) with friends. Saturday night we went out on the town to Annapolis and did our gift exchange. We ended up going to a quaint Irish pub/restaurant. It was probably built in the 1700's, old stone walls, very cool. Afterwards we went to a haunted tavern. It was indeed creepy, but oh so AWESOME!!! We then headed back to our friends house to relax the rest of the evening, enjoy champagne and eachother's company. It was perfect.

Today my best friend and I headed out to celebrate Christmas together. We exchanged gifts then headed out for coffees and manicures. It was pretty sweet to sit there and have someone massage your hands and arms while making your rough old hands look oh so pretty ;) We then went out to lunch, and did a little shopping. Looking back I'm thinking to myself, I don't think the first weekend of the new year could have been any better. I am so blessed.

Tonight It's back to reality as work is tomorrow. However I'm going to enjoy these final few hours of my mini break parked in front of the fireplace watching football. There's no place I'd rather be tonight then here with my husband and pups. Happy New Year all!