Saturday, September 24, 2011

PICC time

On Thursday I woke up feeling pretty congested. I just chalked it up to the change in seasons, but still was on the look out during the day to see how I felt. I was getting a patient ready when I felt what I'd call a "jab" of pain in my left lower lung. It was enough to take my breath away. So I decided that definitely warranted a listen with the stethescope.

Sure enough my lungs sounded pretty gross in the lower and mid lobes. They had lots of crackles, gurgles, and tons of expiratory wheezing. I usually have clear lungs, so I knew something was up. I gave Hopkins a ring to see what they thought, and of course they wanted to see me and take a listen for themselves.

I didn't even do PFT's because of the shooting pain. The Dr. took a listen and basically said "So what kind of IV's have workded in the past?" Awesome. I was definitely open to having a PICC line right now. I don't want this to have a chance to turn into something awful. And because we are officially in flu season I want to be safe.

So I went to a new place yesterday for my PICC placement. Other areas couldn't get me in until next Wednesday. Or, I could get admitted. I'd rather not be in the hospital anyway because of germs, but even moreso because I don't feel bad, just playing it safe. So I'm PICC'd and ready to go. Bring on the drugs and "roto-rootering" I'm ready for these lungs to be happy again :)

I'm going to take a few days off from exercising. I think rest is important right now. But I ended this week with running 6.5 miles :)