Wednesday, September 3, 2008

20 random things

I've seen a couple people on their blogs do this. I think it's neat, and I'm bored so guess what? Here's my list :)

~I could listen to The Cure (any of my CD's/ iPOD) and never ever get sick of them. They've been my favorite since about age 13. U2 is a very close second

~I've slept like a brick the past couple of nights, i think because my days have been so INSANE and exhausting at work.

~Haven't been to the chiropractor is over 2 weeks, and my back hates me for it, we're going excuses considering they are literally next door from work.

~I had an awesome time with Julie and seeing her girls on tuesday night, sometimes i can see us with daughters too, then some days i just see boys...Hmm.

~I miss my cousins and hope we hang out soon

~I did my nieces spanish homework for her on Monday...shh don't tell (it was her birthday, consider it a gift ;)

~We're supposed to go to NYC on saturday but i'm thinking its a no-go considering all the hurricanes brewing in the ocean. boo.

~I can't wait for Halloween and have already starting checking out costumes online.

~I signed up today to do a colon cancer walk in honor of a former patient of our practice that lost her battle 3 years ago.

~I can't wait for the holidays and have already starting thinking about some Christmas gifts i'd like to buy...especially for my nieces. And I dreamt about Christmas cards last night (weird)

~Loving how the feeling of fall is in the air, and it's actually chilly when i'm driving to work at 0530...Plus Fall festivals are the best!!

~I heard from a couple friends via email this week that i haven't talked to in a little bit and it made me feel great :D

~I'm praying for my co-worker who's in the hospital battling lung cancer.

~I'm all about house projects right now. we've done so many great things to the house this year and i just want to keep up the good work.

~Mark Ruffalo is my favorite actor

~I want to see the movie Stepbrothers so bad! I just love stupid humor.

~Hooray for the season Premiere of Ghost Hunters tonight yippee!!

~My mom is the best. I can tell her anything and she's always there to listen, offer advise, give support, and be my best friend.

~You can never take too many of my projects is to actually frame some of those pictures and hang them on the walls.

~I've been working out on our new Eliptical and love the feeling you get knowing you are exercising.


Kevin said...

You must see Stepbrothers. You won't be disappointed.

There's no need to buy a costume online when you can find all the accessories you need at Value Village.