Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Compliments are Nice

Today was kind of crazy at work. Go figure, I'm a nurse ;) Anyway we had a patient who ended up needing prophylactic antibiotics before his procedure. This process is supposed to be done an hour before hand but since it was a last minute decision, it threw a wrench in our lovely surgical plan.

I quickly drew up both antibiotics, re-did the patients IV, hung the meds....in the mean time one of the meds has to infuse pretty slowly, so I got another patient ready for procedure, assisted during that procedure, came out and my antibiotic patient was now ready for his procedure. Perfect timing! Talk about running around like a crazy woman to stay on schedule and not miss a beat.

Later the doctor pulled me aside, thanked me for my efficiency, helpfullness, how quick I was, and for doing a great job. One of my coworkers was later joking with this doctor saying he was crazy like me (in a funny/ silly way). He replied " To say I'm like Jessica is the utmost of compliments" WOW! :) That just made my day.