Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nice Wednesday

Today was a good day. Great day at work, great patients with wonderful senses of humor and just all around goodness. Came home and quickly threw together 2 new recipes for a lunch in we're having at work tomorrow. I made a cheesy spinach bacon dip, and a no bake pumpkin cheesecake. Yummy! I'm so excited to eat all the good food tomorrow! :) I was able to put these 2 new recipes together in no time which I thought was pretty amazing considering it was my first attempt. My best friend Beth came over after work and we headed out to happy hour this evening to catch up. We went to one of our local favorites "Windows on the bay" it's just lovely and has the best appetizers (1/2 price during happy hour i might mention). It was great to just have a couple drinks and have girl time. We went shopping after that to find me the shoes I need for a wedding I'm in next week. Procrastinator I know, but they were easy to find and on clearance for $5!! Bonus! We finished the night off with a trip to Mickey D's for some hot fundge sundaes. It was a great evening. I'm so thankful for the great people in my life. Tomorrow is another busy day too. I'm going to Easton to visit granny in the hospital after her knee surgery from her fall. :( The weather here the next few days is supposed to be rainy and gross. It's ok, it just means it's good weather to relax, enjoy some down time, and make some good comfort food. I'll take it :)