Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Sunday

Well I'm happy to say that The RAVENS WON today!!! Woo Hoo!!! I watched most of the game with Scott while doing laundry etc. We have NFL Sunday Ticket which means he watches pretty much every game that's on Sunday the entire season. So from here on out I won't see Scott on a Sunday until after the SuperBowl. Ha ha :) And I've been sworn to make no plans that involve him on a Sunday until then either....I'll do my best ;)

We had a nice weekend, Hanna ripped through yesterday but luckily we experienced no damage, and just flickering power outages but no extensive ones. Friends of ours came over last night and we did sort of a Mexican theme shin-dig. We sat out on the back deck (which is screened in and covered and enjoyed the rainy windy weathery. We had Crock Pot taco soup, quesadillas, salsa and chips, chili cheese dip, corn bread, the works. It was a great time. We also played the "Friends" trivia game, and I'm happy to say the girl whooped their butts! Yay! Our friends ended up staying over (secondary to great partying ;) This morning we all had an awesome breakfast including breakfast burritos (from scratch) and great coffee.

It's been a beautiful day today. It always amazes me that the day after a hurricane or tropical storm passes through how gorgeous the next day is. Here's to the start of a nice week...I'm hoping my work week is better than last week too. Well here's to a lazy football Sunday (which I love). I'm going to go eat some steamed crabs for dinner...don't be jealous :) And then finish cleaning and doing laundry (I know there's no jealousy there) LOL.