Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Dog

My niece called last night (She's 5) the conversation went something like this:

(first off she was so excited and talking so fast we could barely understand her)
Jodi: Guess what Guess what!!?? We got a PUPPY!!!

Scott: Wow!!! Where did you get it?

Jodi: My mommy found her (actually she's from a breeder) so cute.

Scott: That's so cool!! What kind of dog is she??

Jodi: A white one! ;) (she's a labradoodle we found out)

Scott: What's her name?

Jodi: Rosebud! (i thought i was going to fall over laughing at their conversation it was adorable!)
He's a girl and she has a pink collar.

Scott: He's a girl!?? ;) Don't you mean she's a girl??

Jodi: Yeah her name is Rosebud silly!

Adorable! So needless to say we were asked when could we PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEEE come visit the new puppy. That's where we'll be tonight :)