Monday, October 6, 2008

Hit the ground running

What can I say, typical Monday oh joy. I'm in charge at work this week and was off 2 days last week so I felt like I walked into chaos incorporated this morning. One of our doctors who i'll refrain from calling names, but it rhymes with class! Anyway he was his usual ray of sunshine jerk self today. Out of all the wonderful docs I work with he's the rotten egg of the group. And today he just pushed my bottons like no other. Then on top of that we had a patient fall, she ripped open her skin wounds, poor thing and bled all over me. :( So needless to say we got off to a rocky start.

Over all it ended up not being to bad. Once doctor jerk left I came home to change scrubs etc., stopped and got a yummy lunch on my way back to work, helped Bee with a huge nursing school assignment, and am putting together a happy hour on Friday. I'm just happy that what started out as a crap-tastic day has definitely gotten better. Here's to a nice evening with Scott watching one of our favorite shows Ghost Hunters and relaxing....FINALLY!