Tuesday, December 23, 2008


This is a sigh of relief. We are definitely off work tomorrow (Christmas Eve) which is so great! It wasn't official yet because we had to wait to see if any patients and or cases would be posted. But no, so HOORAY!!!!! Dad and I finished his shopping last night and had a really nice dinner like we do every year this time. I finished Scott officiallylast night too, as I had to buy him one last thing :) I even finished wrapping last night too! Although I have to say I am usually done all this by now, but that's ok it's done right?!

Tonight Scott and I finally had the chance to go out and get coffees and check out the Christmas lights. It was so nice, and we even took the dogs with us to make it a full family affair ;) I'm so excited to be off work tomorrow! I can't remember the last time I had off on Christmas Eve! I'm extremely grateful it's fallen this way for us, and that so many of our doctors have taken vacations this week, which means we get the time off too. Woo Hoo!

Tomorrow includes, coffee, wrapping up any loose ends or anything I may have forgotten about, a Christmas Eve lunch (Scott and I used to do annually when I wasn't a nurse) so that's cool, party @ my cousin's at night, and finish helping Scott remodel the bathroom.

For the next 5 days off (wow I can't believe I have 5 days off!!) I plan on doing some shopping, relaxing, making some new recipes, baking, doing nothing at my lovely leisure, and enjoying this lovely holiday season. Scott has off until January 5th...lucky! :) The one thing I do need to do is make my Christmas home made peanut butter cups that I make every year. Again for some reason time has slipped away from me for the first time this year ever and I didn't get them done. Oh well, I'll have them ready on Monday so at least I still fall into the holiday time frame :)