Sunday, December 21, 2008


Bwah ha ha...nothing put me in the Christmas spirit like getting my brother-in-law back at pranks he has pulled on me for 10 years. Let me explain, in Scott's family the siblings and in-laws all draw names of a "secret santa", and everyone buys for the kids. It works out really well, and ends up being a lot of fun, since we literally can never figure out who has us until that day. So every year for the past 3 years I have drawn my brother-in-law Henry. Now...Henry has tourmented me, bullied me (in a good way), made fun of me, ragged on me (you get the picture) for TEN YEARS at EVERY SINGLE family function, or chance that he gets. And me being me, joke back with him, but he always seems to one up me! So back to the part where I drawn his name every year pretty much. In past years Scott's family always tells me If I draw Henry I should really do something to get him back. And let's face it, I never do. The holidays come flying up on me, I get busy, and lack my creativity for a good prank (unlike him). UNTIL THIS YEAR!!!

Scott helped me figure out just what we were going to do and we came up with this. We wrapped 5 boxes inside of boxes with the last one being absolutely huge. Outside of each box was a piece of paper explaining why Henry deserved to be tortured at the family Christmas party. Mind you, he has done infinite things to me, so I picked the top 5. The final box which contained his presents was wrapped in an entire roll of duct tape, and I secretly asked all the men in Scott's family if I could borrow their pocket knives "For a quick minute" just so Henry would have none to use. That's right, I was on my game big time! Below are some pictures of how it all turned out, HILARIOUS if I say so myself :)

The boxes talk about pranks such as...Turning off our hot water and trying to blind me, Laughing at me for falling in a giant mud puddle skiing, numerous camping mis-haps, saran wrapping my toilet etc....

Paybacks are hell ;) Merry Christmas!!!!

He took the joke well, so here's my victory picture!

Saran wrapping my toilet box

The nothing but duct tape box, reminding him of why he had this coming!

The skiing and hot water mishaps box

Little Henry trying to help his father with duct tape

The shock of what he was in for!!!!