Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday rewind

We had a great Christmas. It looks like we've had a present explosion upstairs, and we're very grateful. Usually on Christmas we run all over Maryland, but this year we actually cut out 4 hours of driving time and were able to stay local all day!! Woo Hoo!! Santa was very good to both Scott and I (and even the dogs).

I've also had off way more than usual too, which has been lovely. With nursing, it's kind of rare to get the schedule off that I just had. So from Christmas Eve through today has been such a nice holiday break. Back to work tomorrow though, blah. Oh well I can't complain really, because I'm off Tuesday (request) and we have no cases scheduled for New Year's Eve or New Year's Day! And then back to work on Friday. Scott has off until January 5th, I'm Jealous! We've been doing lots of fun things during our break too...Scott downloaded on our Wii the classic Mario Brothers games and we've been going to town playing the old school games! It's been a blast!! We've also hung out with friends, went to our favorite bar, hung out with family, shopped, ate like it's going out of style, and just enjoying hanging out. I love the holidays and am sad that they are soon coming close to an end. Oh well, I'm hoping for a snowey winter so that will get me back into the spirit of things.

On that note our annual summer party we've decided the theme will be "Christmas in July" fun fun!! Happy Holidays!!