Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday stress and craziness

I'm exhausted. I've been in charge and working pretty much 10 hour days everyday. I've had something to do every night after work and on the weekends for a couple of weeks strait now. This time of year is my absolute favorite, and the busy stuff is really a good thing, but It's just wearing me out a little bit. I'd love to just come home and relax after a long day. It's all good stress really, I'm just beat.

Last night was our work Holiday party, I would say Christmas but I work for a primarily Jewish practice ;) It was really nice as it is every year, and we got a holiday bonus too :) Always nice and always appreciated. I'm extremely grateful for my job and I absolutely love the doctors I work for as well as my co-workers. It's weird I'm actually kind of sad that our holiday party is over. My group of co-workers and I do stuff all the time, but as a huge group including the doctors, is only about twice a year. I really look forward to our holiday party and it's already gone :( Dumb to be sad I know but it's just how I feel.

Tonight is shopping with dad, tomorrow is Sabatino's in Baltimore for our small work Christmas party, Friday out w/ Scott to do some nice holiday traditional stuff that we do :), Saturday is our family Christmas party with Scott's family all day, and Sunday.....Nothing! (I hope) but coffee, wrapping, and relaxing! :)

I know I'm sounding like a complainer, but I'm not really...again it's just that lovely holiday craziness which I do love, and will actually miss when it's over. Weird huh? I feel like a hypocrite. I'm just tired


Amy said...

Nah, I don't think you sound like you're complaining at all. It's that very stress and exhaustion that, in some sick way, makes us enjoy Christmas time. And when January rolls around and we're facing our taxes, I know I'll be looking foward to another stressful Christmas!