Sunday, March 22, 2009


What's been going on recently/things:

- 80's stations on "Yahoo Radio" wow, I'm hooked on the new wave/alternative station
-Cooking a lot and trying to do a menu plan each week
-Got the bathroom finished!!!! And it looks amazing
-Fallen off the wagon with my daily planner journal, and need to get back into it
-My niece Allison is due any day now and I can't wait!!!
-Had a decent snow fall FINALLY! Now I'm officially ready for spring
-Continuing to meet awesome CFers on FB and the site
-Started running again after a while of not, just hoping my knees continue to play nice
-Threw Kathy's baby shower and went wonderfully
-Planned a trip to Bermuda and Myrtle Beach this year, wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!
-Scott and I hit our dating anniversary of 10 years, wedding anniversary next month of 5 years
-My BFF got 2 puppy chihuahuas that I'm totally in love with!
-Had an echocardiogram to R/O pulmonary HTN and it was normal!! SO we are OK to have kids!
-Went to a Lebonese restuarant in Bmore and it was pretty awesome
-Loving my Blackberry still, so glad I got one
-So excited to buy and plant all of my herbs for this year
-We're drafting our new kitchen this week with Dave's help, so exciting!
-Work is well, the occasional drama which I need to let just roll off (easier said than done)
-May have my first cold, oh well I never got one all winter long which is AMAZING!!
-Looking forward to picnics, kayaking (I hope), O's games, and it being warm!!!

All is well, and I'm remaing grateful and hopeful :D