Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday is my Monday

Having off yesterday has thrown me off for sure. It's ok though It was totally worth it not to work yesterday. I heard it was a hell-ish day, even if some people won't admit it! ;) Good day at work, the typical Tuesday busy busy.

Came home and worked out. I was a little bit too hard on myself today. I still kept my same mile time but I did have to stop a few times more than last time, Grrr. I probably should have just worked out inside today it was too cold to run, and my chest was burning. Note to self: Check weather before you decide to get all geared up to run, LOL! I came back, lifted weights and did some good situps. I'm just happy that I didn't give up and kept going, no pain no gain right!?

I finally realized at about 7 pm I hadn't eaten dinner yet which is weird b/c I'm always hungry! So I threw together a quick batch of Lemon Chicken, yumm!!!! Catching up on emails with some new CF people that I've met over the last few days. Just keeps getting better!

Tomorrow is G.I. nurses day! We're getting lunch and being taken to Happy Hour at Looney's in Canton, Woo Hoo!!!!!