Wednesday, March 25, 2009


It's niece is due to be here any time now! I can't believe it. I've thrown the shower, felt her move in mommas stomach etc, but now it feels real!!! I can't hardly stand the excitement I am feeling!!! They are so lucky to be able to be about to experience the birth of their daughter! While I was at work today I got the call that Kathy's water broke and they were headed to the hospital. I'm pretty sure I've been "welling up" ever since.

We went to Happy Hour at Looney's in Canton after work today and had a great time. Sometimes you just need to get out and have fun with the co-workers outside of work! The whole time I kept checking my phone for a new text/update on the baby status.

Well I'm off to bed now and am hoping that things go smoothly through the night and when I wake up, I'll be an AUNTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My thoughts and prayers tonight are with Steve, Kathy, and of course baby Ally! xoxoxo