Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday 13

Here are 13 Things From My day....

1. Woke up to a disturbing email between me and some just never know...
2. Had some pretty wild patients today, one who decided to give me a kiss actually (elderly).
3. Worked out and ran my butt off on the Elliptical, and feel great about it.
4. Took the dogs to the vets today and they got great checkups!! Woo Hoo!! xo
5. Made one of my favorite comfort foods tonight for dinner, Lemon Chicken, YUMMY!!!!!!!!
6. I still need to plan out our menu for Easter (whoa I almost wrote Christmas, LOL!!)
7. Finally painted my nails today, so overdue
8. Need to return some emails this evening
9. Holy Pollen!!! My allergies did not like me today at all :(
10. I need to compose a big to-do list for the weekend since we're hosting Easter this year.
11. My Blackberry has never had so much action from all the messages on it today, LOL!
12. I feel like I have a tape-worm, I am SOOO hungry and can't eat enough, especially junk food!
13. I'm so excited that I got to wear flip flops today, thank you warmth!!!!