Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The wait

So after work today I was in "go" mode. Considering yesterday I came home exhausted after an awful awful work day. So instead of running I went ahead and took an accidental nap until 7pm. Mind you I go to bed shortly after 8pm, since I get up at 0440. Yesterday was just bad all around. However.....Scott and I managed to get ourselves tickets to see U2 in September!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

So today was make up time for yesterday. Got off work on time (hooray) went tanning, worked out, went to jewelry store, grabbed carry out dinner, ate, and fell asleep AGAIN!!! Grrr apparently I am super tired and can't catch up! Let me back up...did the work out inside today b/c it was chilly and i've decided not to run outdoors when it's cold (more harm than good). SO I did my "couch to 5K" work out on the Eliptical and I think it actually kicked my butt harder. Huh maybe that's why I fell asleep so quickly? Afterwards we went to the jewelry store...our 5 year wedding anniversary is the 16th of this month. I decided about a year ago or so that I'd like another wedding band to close in my set. We did our research and after 3 stores in the mall, found it and it was on sale!!!!!!!!!! It has to be sized b/c i have freakishly tiny fingers, but man am I excited!!!! It's beautiful..so I'll have wedding band, engagement ring, wedding band. It's a beautiful 14K Gold 1ct. channel diamond band. Wahoo!!!!!!!!! Come on Anniversary!!!! After the excitment at the jewelry store (for me anyway) ha ha we decided on carry out for dinner. Pizza and Gyros while watching Ghost Hunters. Wow what a day!!!

Oh and I went on amazon and ordered my FEV1 meter. I'm pretty excited to get this thing and see how it does. I'm hoping that with me starting to run again I'll see some increase in my lung function....*Fingers Crossed*

And the best part of the day is it is Elektra's 11th birthday!!!!!! Happy birthday my girl!!! We love you!!! xoxo